Leaders: Are You Struggling with Frayed Team Dynamics?

Empower Your Leadership, Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

Discover revolutionary leadership training that transforms struggling teams into cohesive, goal-driven powerhouses. Designed for anyone in a leadership role, our methods turn your challenges into success stories.

It's not just about managing a team; it's about leading with confidence, empathy, and effectiveness.

Fostering Clarity, Confidence, and Success

Struggling to Understand Your Diverse Team?

Adapting your leadership to diverse team needs can be daunting. Our programs shed light on various leadership styles, empowering you to lead effectively in any situation, and resonate with every team member.

Need a Learning Schedule that Fits Your Busy Life?

Leadership at your pace:
Choose from our flexible learning options, including virtual classes and in-person workshops, tailored to fit your busy lifestyle and learning preferences.

Do Traditional Leadership Methods Fall Flat?

Facing challenges in connecting with your team? Our innovative equine-assisted learning enhances your empathy and decision-making skills in a unique, experiential setting, bridging gaps in traditional leadership methods.

Need Real Advice from Someone Who's Been There?

Struggling with complex leadership hurdles? Benefit from Sonia Jorgensen's 20 years of experience in leadership and healthcare, combined with innovative equine-assisted learning techniques for a holistic approach

Plagued by High-turnover and Low morale?

The challenges you face as a leader can seem insurmountable. They not only affect team dynamics but also hinder personal and organizational growth. At Spirit2Spirit, we tackle these vital issues head-on with proven strategies, turning leadership challenges into opportunities for growth and team unity.

Watch your team thrive

Seeking effective strategies for team management and personal growth? Our training provides you with the essential tools for impactful communication, efficient team management, and personal leadership development, leading to a harmonious and thriving workplace.

the road to impactful leadership

Begin Your Leadership Journey

Initiate your transformation with a personal call or email to discuss your leadership goals and challenges.

Choose Your

Path to Growth

Choose from our range of courses, each designed to strengthen different facets of leadership.


in Transformative Learning

Experience transformational learning with our weekend leadership training, incorporating equine-assisted exercises for immediate skill application.

Level Up with advanced guidance

Advance further with personalized 1-on-1 mentoring or join our corporate team training for a comprehensive leadership overhaul.

immediate application

Individual approach

sustainable growth

holistic development

Let's Get Started

Connect with Us

Begin by scheduling a discovery call with Sonia or reach out via email to share your leadership challenges and aspirations.

Choose Your Path

Select from our diverse program offerings to find the one that best suits your leadership challenges and team's needs.

Transform Your Leadership

Discover yourself as a leader who fosters a productive, loyal, and goal-driven team, while gaining more time for personal pursuits and achieving improved ROIs.

Become the Leader You Aspire to Be

Step into a leadership role that's not just a position, but a journey towards personal fulfillment and team success. Embrace the path to effective, empathetic leadership and witness the positive change in your team, business, and personal life.

Start your Journey Today

Gain insights into fundamental leadership techniques and how to apply them effectively.

Discover the unique advantages of equine-facilitated learning in enhancing leadership skills.

Learn practical tips for managing team dynamics, improving morale, and increasing productivity.

What Others Are Saying...

Sonia's approach to teaching was clear, concise, and memorable...provided space for listening, reflecting, and putting the concepts into practice with the horses...really brings the teachings to life.


You are part of a small group that gets to engage with your facilitator and learn from beautiful horses. I got more out of this event than any other leadership training I ever went to!


I learned about how my energy can and will be interpreted...The tools are applicable to work, home, and everyday interaction ...I learned how to deal with fear, anxiety, self-doubt and indecisiveness.


It was an amazing experience, including the use of horses in skill building and team tasks worked so well. The material that was given is very insightful and can be used in your everyday life.


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