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Frequently asked questions

What is equine-assisted learning and how does it help in leadership?

Equine-facilitated learning is an innovative approach where horses are used as living tools for leadership development. Horses naturally respond to non-verbal communication, requiring leaders to be mindful, clear, and authentic in their interactions. This method provides immediate feedback and insights into your leadership style, enhancing skills like empathy, decision-making, and team dynamics. It's an experiential way of learning that brings lasting transformation to your leadership abilities

Do I Need Horse Experience to Participate in the Trainings?

Absolutely not! Our equine-assisted leadership programs are designed for participants with any level of horse experience, including those with no prior experience at all. The focus of these sessions is on leadership development, not horsemanship skills. All interactions with horses are conducted from the ground under safe, guided conditions, ensuring comfort and security for both you and the horses. The goal is to learn from the horses' natural behavior and communication styles, which provide powerful insights into leadership, regardless of your experience with horses.

Who can benefit from the 'Learning to Lead' program?

Our 'Learning to Lead' program is designed for a diverse range of participants - from emerging leaders and small business owners to seasoned executives. It’s particularly beneficial for those who find themselves in leadership roles without formal training or for those seeking to refine and enhance their leadership skills. The program is tailored to help at all levels, ensuring that every participant can develop a deeper understanding of effective leadership styles and practical applications.

Are there prerequisites for the weekend leadership training?

Yes, to ensure the most effective and immersive experience in our weekend leadership training, participants are required to complete our 'Learning to Lead' course first. This prerequisite ensures that you have the foundational knowledge and understanding of key leadership concepts, which we then build upon during the weekend training with horse-assisted exercises and advanced leadership strategies.

How can I tailor the 1-on-1 mentoring to my specific needs?

Our 1-on-1 mentoring is highly customizable to your unique leadership challenges and goals. During the initial discovery session, Sonia will work with you to understand your specific objectives, whether they're related to team management, personal leadership development, or specific project goals. From there, each session is crafted to address these areas, with flexible scheduling and a combination of in-person and virtual options to suit your convenience.

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